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A new frontier for human-machine interaction.

EvokAI Simulators combines cognitive neuroscience, extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for screening performance and spatial perception of a person.

An entirely new approach to brain fitness.

Monitor and analyze human behaviors in different environments and situations while gathering key data (vital signs, haptic sensors, video stream, physical reactions).

Create a “baseline” for standard behaviors and in order compare individuals results to it.

Provide access to all gathered data for research purposes of different neuroscience partners (pharma, neurology, psychology, neuropsychiatry, rehabilitation, etc.).
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The efficacy of EvokAI Simulators is underpinned by rigorous scientific experimentation, analysis and results in order to:
• evaluate driving maturity of young people
• evaluate risk behavior of a person
• early detection of brain diseases; like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and damages caused by brain
To learn more about EvokAI Simulators reach out to:

Marjo Lehtinen
Chief Commercial Officer

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Let’s enable human-machine interaction together

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