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A new frontier in brain-health monitoring powered by Artificial Intelligence

EvokAI Simulators combines cognitive neuroscience, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to assess cognitive performance and spatial perception.

An entirely new approach to brain fitness.

Monitoring of performance in a virtual reality environment by constant evaluation of multiple measurable factors.
By applying rigorous scientific methods, EvokAI Simulators utilizes AI´s neural network capabilities to find baselines and abnormalities within multiple tests. A large database of data points is utilized to compare individual test results and provide accurate and precise performance evaluations.
EvokAI simulator -  An entirely new approach to brain fitness.
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The efficacy of EvokAI Simulators is underpinned by rigorous scientific experimentation, analysis, and results:
- Assessment of “behavior-to-risk” profiles
- Progress evaluation after brain traumas
- Evaluation of driving maturity and performance level in elder drivers
- Detection of perception-related diseases at an early stage
To learn more about EvokAI Simulators reach out to:

Marjo Lehtinen
Chief Commercial Officer

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