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A revolutionary technology for early detection of movement disorders and brain surgery.

EvokAI Sensors is revolutionizing Parkinson’s disease analysis and treatment. 

EvokAI MDM Basic and MDM PRO.

EvokAI Movement Disorder Monitor (MDM) is a wireless, real-time monitor that accurately analyzes the magnitude of movement disorders and the effectiveness of treatments for Parkinson´s Disease and other movement disorders such as dystonia, various diseases causing tremors, Tourette´s syndrome, congenial CP or MS.
EvokAI MDM is a unique patented system for monitoring & documenting symptoms of movement disorders. MDM was developed together with the Neurosurgery Department of the University Hospital in Oulu (Finland) based on true end-user needs and is meantime tested at various university clinics worldwide.
EvokAI MDM Basic
EvokAI MDM Basic and MDM PRO.
A game-changer technology for patients and surgeons.
EvokAI MDM Basic allows attending doctors and the patient to monitor the situation closely and compare the effectiveness of the selected treatment. This method makes it significantly easier to adjust the treatment, and patients reach the best balance of treatment faster.
EvokAI MDM PRO is used during DBS surgery. With the device, the neurosurgeon can monitor movement disorder in real time for the most accurate surgical results. During surgery, the patient’s movement disorder can be located with the EvokAI MDM device for precise surgical intervention.

A game-changer technology for patients and surgeons.


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