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We stop brain aging with MedTech AI

AI-powered gamified experiences to improve mental fitness and impact well-being.

EvokAI Neurotrainer develops and deploys AI-powered gamified experiences for the digital measurement and training of human behavior, intellectual capacity and cognitive functioning.

EvokAI Active is a revolutionary collection of games based on high-definition motion-sensing technology, powered by AI to promote an active lifestyle in any environment.

Playable on any computer with a camera, assisted with cloud-based AI for motion sensing. These games can be played by walking and squatting or just by moving hands, even from a wheelchair.

Advancing artificial intelligence in medicine

The Problem

The world is changing and advancing at speeds we couldn’t have ever imagined, over the last few decades life expectancy has increased dramatically around the globe, but not quality of life.

Mental healthcare has to rely on snapshot diagnostics and self-reports. Improving the status quo requires new tools that are objective, easily accessible and can track mental wellbeing over time.

The Solution

EvokAI is a MedTech AI-powered company dedicated to the development of transformational and innovative technologies for the modern healthcare sector.

We deploy machine learning models to search medical data and uncover insights to help improve health outcomes, patient experiences, drug development, preclinical and clinical decisions and provide more accurate diagnoses.

EvokAI tailors its AI algorithms across the whole healthcare system, from hospitals, private clinics, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, to medical professionals, patients, healthy individuals aiming at preventing any kind of disease and beyond, protecting the aging genome.


We are paving the way for high-throughput psychometrics.

Direct Observation

We observe performance and behaviors in virtual world setups instead of relying on self-reports.

New Targets

Our approach aims at psychological concepts that were previously beyond the methodological means of psychometrics.


Our methods set new standards in test economic efficiency.