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EvokAI Medical. 
Mental wellbeing through 
AI-driven digital solutions.

EvokAI Medical offers a digitally augmented healthcare platform created and developed by leading specialists in brain science. 

For businesses and individuals.

The EvokAI.One digital solution helps companies to link the needs of employees and the company with relevant actions and measurable results. The app offers AI-guided personalised guidance for its users.

For employers
· Company or unit mental health overview and performance measurement
· Company Health Audit, anonymised analytics for decision support
· Risk analysis and action plan
· Mental health services

For each employee
· Mental health assessment and personalised recommendations
· Individual support – from self-help to psychologists and apps
· Self-tracking timeline and performance measurement
EvokAI medical. For businesses and individuals.
A new concept specialised in the mental well being of working age individuals and employees by adapting data-driven service innovations. With digital monitoring, selfhelp, personalised recommendation and preventive tools.
EvokAI Medical can help to improve the well being and mental health of its clients while reducing mental health problems. 
To learn more about EvokAI Medical reach out to:

Marjo Lehtinen
Chief Commercial Officer

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Let’s enable human-machine interaction together

EvokAI medical. For businesses and individuals.
EvokAI medical. For businesses and individuals.

EvokAI Simulators

Tool for performance screening

EvokAI Simulators

EvokAI Sensors

Real time detection of movement disorders

EvokAI Sensors

EvokAI Neurotrainer

AI-driven tools to enhance mental fitness

EvokAI Neurotrainer

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