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It’s your brain, make it bloom.

Quality of life through neurological fitness

A growing demand for preventive tools such as continuous brain health monitoring.

Increasing demand for synergetic and effective solutions to preserve brain health and brain fitness.

EvokAI's key question:

How can we guarantee neurological fitness for everyone at any stage of their life?

EvokAI Simulators

Tool for performance screening

EvokAI Sensors

Real time detection of movement disorders

EvokAI Neurotrainer

AI-driven tools to enhance mental fitness

EvokAI Medical

Mental wellbeing via digitally guided recommendations and personalized coaching

EvokAI integrated solutions. 
A new synergy between prevention, detection, training and treatment.

The first MedTech company offering integrated AI deep learning to brain health

EvokAI is a MedTech AI-powered company dedicated to the development of transformational and innovative technologies for the modern healthcare sector. The company’s artificial intelligence-enhanced diagnostic profiles provide a solid basis to monitor mental wellbeing and enable advances in medical diagnoses.

EvokAI deploys machine learning models to search medical data, integrate novel medical devices and uncover insights to help improve health outcomes, patient experiences, drug development, preclinical and clinical decisions and provide more accurate diagnoses.

EvokAI brings a new model

Combining deep AI capabilities to a wide portfolio of radical technologies to prevent neurological disorders.


EvokAI Creative Labs exhibits at the Arab Health Exhibition 2023

Sebastiani Ventures Enters Letter of Intent to Acquire AI Company, EvokAI Creative Labs Inc

Sebastiani Ventures Licenses Artificial Intelligence Technology From EvokAI

EvokAI Creative Labs acquires company Advancience Ag partnering with the University of Basel

A global network of partners.

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